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Thank you for your interest in Badges@IAL and Adult Education Professionalisation (AEP) assessment. 


Before you proceed with the online application, you will need to prepare and complete the following documents.


  1. Professional pedagogical qualification relating to Training and Adult Education (e.g. Workplace Trainer Programme, Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment, Diploma in Adult and Continuing Education, Specialist Diploma in Advanced Facilitation, Certified Workplace Learning Specialist, or other Train-the-Trainer equivalent programme etc.)


  2. Resume (no more than 2 pages)


  3. Highest Educational Qualification


  4. Other Professional Industry Qualifications (if any)


  5. Practice Endorsement Form (download here) *Not required for AEP recognised in 2018 onwards

    If your work activities are performed across multiple organisations/clients, you will need to obtain sign-off for each of the work activities under the organisation/client.

    There should be one form per organisation. Each form will serve as authenticated Training and Adult Education work activities you have performed for that organisation.

    Please note that this is a mandatory requirement in order to process your Badges@IAL and AEP assessment.

    Your contracting organisation or client is required to provide some mandatory comments stating the impact and effectiveness of your work to the organisation.


  6. Two work artefacts or work portfolios

    If you are applying for skill badge and/or Associate Adult Educator under AEP, please upload two (2) work artefacts (e.g. lesson plan, learning resources, project report etc.) developed for two (2) different organisations/clients/business units in the last two (2) years prior to this application that demonstrate evidences of competency in the skills badge and AEP tier you are applying for.

    If you are applying for role badge and/or Specialist Adult Educator (SAE) under AEP, please upload two (2) work portfolio from two (2) different organisations/business units/clients showcasing programmes/projects done in the last two (2) years prior to this application, with verifiable evidences (e.g. learning diagnostic report, lesson plan, learning resources, courseware, training outcomes report) demonstrating the skills profiles required for the role badge and SAE specialisation you are applying for.

    The work artefacts or work portfolios developed have to be from the programmes and/or projects listed and endorsed in the ‘Practice Endorsement’ form.


  7. Two verifiable Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities, of which one has to be domain-specific, which you have undertaken during the past 2-year prior to this application, providing a personal statement illustrating application of learning in your practice.